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It all began in the 1970s, at the dawn of her childhood, Rakel was born and raised in Paris.
Very quickly, an artistic fibre emanates from her and is revealed in particular through her studies as a fashion designer at the prestigious Parisian school Esmod. Life takes its course, and Rakel finds refuge in painting, splitting her time between her family life and her artistic alter-ego.

Duly inspired by the icons of the 7th Art and Fashion such as Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Al Pacino, but also (and above all!) by Pop-Art and the pioneer of the movement alias Andy Warhol, the artist decides to immortalize them in her own way, with grace and delicacy, but always with a dose of optimism and cheerfulness that she claims.

This sculpture is the logical continuation of the paintings on the same theme. We can find the famous icons of the beauty, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Jackson, Steeve Mcqueen, Coco Chanel, Picasso or even Marilyn, Basquiat and Kate Moss who are located in the centre of each sculpture and indicating the taste of Malab'Art. The latter, born of Rakel's creative spirit, represents a condensed version of what she wants to propagate: an object with a strong identity that takes up her major inspirations, flirting between a nostalgic aspect linked to childhood and the contemporary DNA of the creation.

Today Malab'Art is available in several sizes from Baby Gum to Bubble Gum XXL. The plus? For the small and classic sizes, the bite of the sculpture is none other than Rakel's dental imprint, which allows a unique and genetic artistic signature!
This work, always in unique pieces, has already seduced many collectors throughout the world. It arouses a sensory emotion in them which continues with the arrival in 2021 of a brand new creation "The Gummy", a small character inspired by "legends" of art, sport, music or fashion who makes her famous bubble gum!


Rakel W. - Malab'Art Chanel

Rakel W. - Malab'Art Chanel

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