Our Story

A new perspective on Art

The art world has been an unspoken taboo for the daily wager kinds, maybe it is the complexity, maybe it is the hesitation to enter an art gallery or maybe it is just not their thing. It has been an activity of the royal courthouses and the monarchs and not for the likes of the commoners. And that is the stereotype we are here to change.

                   Gallery27 is a Trend-setter in the art scene in Dubai, that is breaking the norms of the monotonous and conventional world with its vision. A Pop Art gallery that started off in 2019 in the vibrant and buzzing neighborhood of Marina Walk, a perfect setting for the New Age art lovers. The vibe in our Galleries brings you straight to a Bohemian warehouse in Berlin or NYC or on the streets of Cannes. Marina Walk was a launch-pad for Gallery27 and it expanded its reach to Marina Mall and Downtown in a short span of 1 year.

Gallery27 is making news by changing the old school art myths, rules, and ideas. We encourage our guests to touch the artworks in the gallery. Why? You cannot feel the power of a Super Car by just looking at it from a distance, similarly, to feel the energy and details in every artwork of ours, we invite you to come and brush your hands on the pieces and imagine yourself in the artist’s studio and his mind. It is the accelerating feeling that we deliver when you stand within half a meter from our artworks.

                                               Even Rome was not built in a day and definitely, not by one person alone. Gallery27 handpicks all the artists to work with and no two artists are the same. From the Bold and nerve touching artworks of Jonas Leriche to the flamboyant and eye catchy play of Trigger, our artists are from all around the globe and have one thing in common, the enthusiasm to not just think out of the box, but to break it instead. A piece of Jean Michel Collel will leave you speechless for minutes after you have realized how he has given the smallest detail of wrinkles by cutting mesh wires.

                                                                               Limitations only tie your hands down and in pop art, we like to jump across the walls of limitations and bring out the best, careful, might be too appealing for you to resist. If Dali could, he would paint the whole world as a canvas. Which make Dali as an influence for the Gallery for going above and beyond when it comes to customization. Our specially curated and customizable artworks make for the perfect gift for whatever may the occasion be, you bring your ideas on the table and our artist will fly that plane for you.

Everybody has a singer in them, a dancer and definitely an artist in them. Gallery27 lets you unleash the artist inside of you and play with colors and canvas, since we are not the best singers. Our tailormade art classes are the perfect example of how to touch your artsy nerve. It is about having fun together as a bunch of colleagues, friends or for the extroverts out there, come meet the newbies like yourself who would be holding a brush for the first time. Our Art classes are held in Marina Gate Gallery and in the Gallery in Downtown, which is a perfect backdrop for a corporate or more casual evening space that can be your next aesthetically on point venue for an event.

We do not showcase Art, we showcase passion!

We do not sell Art, we sell an experience!

We don’t just love Art, we feel it with every since piece in our Gallery!