Not just the Himalayas, Nepal has been home to some of the finest artists, musicians, writers and many more art inspired individuals. All the way from a town in Nepal, comes KB who is a dynamite of energy, colors, imagination, and a very bold depiction of his ideas on Canvas. 

KB found his love for art from his early teenage days where he would try to make art from natural things like, mud, leaves, and whatever he could get his hands on.

Eventually sliding on to Canvas and oil paint, KB found his calling with Art and started off his painting journey as a young teenager. Over a period of years, discovering his actual style and a reflection of his sense of art, KB discovered an intriguing love for dripping and neon colors which gave an identification to his Art style and that was just the beginning of his adventure. 

Coming to Dubai and collaborating exclusively with Gallery27, KB is supported and elevated as an artist with a passion for art and a desire to grow globally leaving his imprints around the world, starting from Dubai.