“My artwork is a visual daydream, a sort of diary of a series of memories and experiences on this journey through life, capturing emotional experiences through pattern and colour.”

Alexandra Williams is a Dubai-based contemporary artist, capturing the unique energy and emotions of experiences from the past, present and perceived future, through pattern and colour. Alexandra’s paintings aim to transport the viewer, giving them a distinct sense of the emotional experience depicted in the artwork through the eyes of the artist.

The title of each painting is an invitation to discover the hidden story within, allowing the viewer to create their own, uniquely personal response. Her intuitive and energetic painting approach brings fluidity and life to the canvas.

Alexandra acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts in the U. K, specialising in the fields of Ceramics, Jewellery and Architectural Glass design. The influence of her love for these mediums reveal themselves in various combinations within her mixed-media work. She later went on to attain a Post-Graduate Teaching Degree in Visual Arts & Design, teaching for several years in the U.K before pursuing a teaching career in the Middle East.

Alexandra enjoys creating her own artwork and loves helping others to fulfil their own artistic potential through teaching self expression through visual arts mediums.