"Created my own art school and developed it for many years" said Abdalrazzak AlTaee.

Abdalrazzak Al Taee`s art school is specialized by cartoonic realism to semi realism. His creative serisalic outer space ideas takes the viewer to a different kind of reality. His school is also specialized with neon black light art works. 

When Al Taee was asked in an interview on what inspired him to start his own art school, he answered mentioning "My bad past experinces in life got me feel confident to have my own art style, it`s not a hobby to me it`s lifestyle," he later added "what makes my artworks special is that I focus on the smallest details, because at the end, small details creates the bigger one," he clarified mentioning; "Some artworks might contain more than 10000 details, and some projects takes up to 320 working hours to get done at its best with smallest details".


Even though all the artworks are extremely detailed, they are still satisfying to the viewer`s eye, and has a good balance. 

Abdalrazzak Al Taee works as a solo artist. 


Abdalrazzak`s art school is flexible, and can go with the flow of other art schools easily. When he was asked to demonstrate? Abdulrazzak answered; "art is life as much as its a secret, it goes with the flow, but as an artist I can't tell those secrets, I teach art, but I don't teach my art

school". All the artworks are done with raw art bases, finishing it with a great color structure. Abdulrazzak`s target is creating the most unique artworks of a total of 2019 artworks, the accident year. So far, 267 artworks are completed.